Several common classifications of jacquard mattress fabrics

Jacquard fabrics are suitable for a wide range of people and can be used to make clothing or bedding. It is very popular because it is slim, soft and breathable. However, such fabrics tend to fade, and it is easy to lose elasticity after a long time, so it is usually kept good.

The fabrics used for mattresses generally have the following classifications: jacquard mattress fabric.

  1. Jacquard dyed monochrome jacquard fabric

The jacquard fabric is woven by a jacquard weaving machine, dyed and finished, and the finished fabric is pure color; it can be used for high-grade garment production materials or decorative industrial materials.

  1. Knitted jacquard fabric

Knitted jacquard fabric is unique in texture, soft in texture, fine and smooth, with good luster, drape and breathability, and high color fastness.

3.Satin jacquard fabric

The cost of satin tissue products is higher than similar plain and twill weave products. Fabrics woven from satin fabric are collectively referred to as satin fabrics having a front and back side, and the fabric is smooth, fine and shiny.

In addition, regarding the washing method of the jacquard fabric, the steps are as follows:

1.Washing: When washing jacquard fabrics, do not wipe them with rough clothes. It is more difficult to wash them with a washing machine. The correct method of washing is to soak the jacquard cloth in water for 5-10 minutes, then gently wipe it with a special detergent or a mild soap, and finally rinse with water.

2.Drying: Because the strong ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the jacquard fabric yellow, fade, and aging, so it should not be exposed after washing. It should not be dried by a dryer. Generally, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

3.Ironing: The anti-wrinkle of jacquard fabric is slightly worse than chemical fiber. Therefore, if the clothes are wrinkled after washing, they can be ironed to make them fresh, elegant and clean.

4.Preservation: For clothes such as jacquard cloth, it must be washed first, then ironed and re-collected. In boxes and cabinets where clothing is stored, be sure to keep them clean and seal them as much as possible to prevent secondary contamination of the dust.

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Knowledge about jacquard fabrics

The manufacturing process of knitted jacquard fabric is complicated. The warp and weft yarns are intertwined and uplifted to form different patterns, and the bumps are noticeable, and many beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts are woven.

Soft, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of the jacquard fabric is large and exquisite, the color layer has a distinct three-dimensional effect, and the pattern of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple and relatively simple.

Jacquard mattress fabric: warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least three times, so the satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is thicker. Satin tissue products cost more than similar plain and twill weave products. Fabrics woven from satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics.

The satin fabric has the front and back sides, the least interlacing point in a complete tissue loop, the longest float line, the fabric surface consists almost entirely of warp threads in the warp or weft direction, and the satin fabric is soft. The satin fabric has the front and back sides, and the fabric is smooth and delicate.

The most common satin fabric is striped satin, referred to as satin. Divided into 40 pieces of 2 m 4 wide satin strips and 60 pieces of 2 m 8 wide satin strips. First weaving and dyeing process, the fabric is generally solid and extends as a horizontal strip. The cotton fabric has a small shrinkage, no ball, and is not easy to fade.

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Air layer fabric for functional fabrics

Nowadays more and more functional fabrics have been developed on the market, bringing a lot of convenience to human life. Today we will talk about some knowledge about air layer fabrics.

What is the air layer fabric?
The air layer fabric is a kind of functional fabric. The cotton fabric is soaked in a chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with numerous fine hairs, which can form a very thin air on the surface of the fabric. The layer is also stitched together for two different fabrics, and the gap existing in the middle is also called the air layer.
The air layer material is polyester, polyester spandex, polyester cotton spandex and the like. Air layer fabrics are more and more popular among consumers at home and abroad. Like sandwich mesh fabrics, more products are used.

What are the benefits of air layer fabrics?
First, the warmth of the air layer fabric is particularly prominent. Through the structural design, the inner, middle and outer fabric structures are used to form an air interlayer in the fabric, and the middle layer is made of a fluffy and elastic filling yarn to form a still air layer for optimal warmth.
Second, the air layer fabric is not easy to produce wrinkles, with strong moisture absorption / (water) sweat – this is also the unique three-layer structure of the air layer fabric, the middle gap is large, the surface is pure cotton fabric, so there is the effect of water and water lock.
Third, the elasticity is good, the hand feels fluffy, because the warp and weft woven weave method used in the air layer fabric is better than the knitted fabric weaving.
Fourth, there are fewer points, the air layer fabric is made of three fabrics in the middle, the middle and the outer, compared to the fabrics that result in less fabric.

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High quality organic baby mattress fabric

Considering that a person spends nearly 20%-30% of their life sleep, it’s important to take the time to research the mattress that best suits your needs. This decision-making process is more complicated when considering which baby mattress fabric to buy for your baby. You want your baby to be comfortable and safe.

Infants spend more than 16 hours a day in a crib, making them more susceptible to chemicals in the mattress. Not all crib mattresses are safe and misleading. It is very important to have any chemicals in your baby’s mattress.

Polyurethane foam in baby mattresses is also worthy of attention. The two main chemicals used to make polyurethane foams are toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. Both substances are mutagenic, and at least TDI is carcinogenic to animals. Although no direct study of the effects of these chemicals on humans has been conducted, a study conducted at nine Swedish polyurethane manufacturing plants found that the incidence of rectal cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma increased.

Buying mattresses, especially crib mattresses that do not contain chemical flame retardants and polyurethane foams and are replaced with organic and natural ingredients, is a safer and healthier option. Organic mattresses are made from all natural or organic materials, including cotton, wool, coconut fiber, food grade polymers, natural latex.

Premium organic baby mattresses include organic wool or organic cotton and organic coconut coconut shells. Coconut coconut shell provides a sturdy core, breathable, anti-mildew and durable. Wool helps to dissipate heat and moisture, keeping your baby cool and comfortable. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties and can also act as a natural fire barrier.

All of these features are found in the Rongli Crib Mattress, making it a hot organic baby mattress.

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How do I find the right mattress for me?

One simple analysis you can do with your own mattress, or if you’re affairs a new mattress, is to lie in your accustomed sleeping position and actuate whether your burden credibility are accepting the abutment they need.

For example, if you’re a aback sleeper, anticipate about whether it feels like your achievement are getting pushed up, and whether you feel a gap amid the backs of your legs and the mattress. If you answered yes, it may be that your mattress is too firm, and the advancement burden of the mattress is blame adjoin your burden points, which may accomplish your physique uncomfortable. On the added hand, if you feel like your achievement are biconcave down, this may be a assurance that your mattress is too soft, as your back is not in a aloof position.

When allotment any mattress, the a lot of admired affair you can do is to appointment the exhibit to accept a lie-down. Here you can yield your time to acquisition your sleeping position, analysis your burden points, and feel whether the mattress is giving you a acceptable antithesis of abutment and comfort. At Rongli, our accessible aggregation is on duke to airing you through this and can accord you admonition on the best mattress for your height, weight, appearance and astriction preference.

Ready to accord it a go? Why not appointment our exhibit to acquisition the appropriate mattress for you, or examination our assorted mattress samples online.Website:

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Green sleep: beyond the purity standard of “organic” labels

A new term, green sleep mattress fabric, has recently appeared in function mattress fabric. When it comes to “green,” people tend to be associated with “organic.” In fact, these two words are not equated with each other. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Green sleep has five differences from other organic mattress manufacturers.

  1. Absolute heritage. For more than 20 years, Green Sleep has been working to create the purest mattresses. The value of having organic certification means that the value of green sleep is lower than their dedication to purity.
  2. Stability. They used the same source for more than 20 years and knew they were consistent. You won’t get any mattress below the top material.
  3. Research. They continue to conduct research every year by going to suppliers, and even if they are consistent over the years, they can find new suppliers to prevent the discovery of different raw materials.
  4. Exclusivity. Green Sleep is the only mattress that uses its signature velvet and LSK Lamifoam. While other manufacturers sometimes rumor that their velvet is not 100% organic, they do have an organic certificate for this. Wow, in addition to the soft touch, it really feels like a small piece of heaven! People tried to copy their velvet but did not succeed.
  5. Ergonomic design. These mattresses are ergonomically designed to provide optimal support for your body. The best part is that it will stay that way, because through all their research and through the test of time, these materials will last!

These remarkable factors make the choice of green sleep organic mattresses an investment in quality products, and their purity is second to none. In addition to their trade insights, they can provide quality products, whether or not they have a certificate. They need time to find the best and continue to improve. The Green Sleeping Mattress is a healthy investment that gives you peace of mind and a comfortable, restful sleep in the next few years.

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Sandwich mattress fabric,walk into a healthy sleep

Made of 3D fiber fabric, 3D fiber fabric has six-sided breathable structural characteristics of upper and lower mesh and 3D material is flexible and comfortable. The environment is non-toxic, hygienic and dry, and it quickly dissipates heat and moisture, ensuring free circulation of air, allowing you to release stress during sleep and enjoy a refreshing and comfortable life.

Rongli sandwich fabric has six characteristics: breathable, tough, quiet, environmentally friendly, durable, washable.
The three-dimensional sleep that gives you aerobic respiration is the most breathable mattress material available. Its hollow three-dimensional structure, does not block the airflow, can form a unique air microcirculation, effectively taking away the sweat secreted by people during sleep, preventing the growth of aphids and bacteria, preventing skin allergies, respiratory infections, and making people feel comfortable.

What are the product characteristics of sandwich fabrics?
Product characteristics of sandwich fabric

(1) It can protect the skin from the contamination of liquids and particles, and can make the skin breathable;
(2) Effective prevention of bacterial and fungal infections (excellent alternatives to sponges);
(3) Light texture, convenient washing and disinfection, antistatic;
(4) good resilience, providing buffer protection, easy to wash and dry
(5) The amount of chemical finishing agent and fuel is small, and there is no pollution;
(6) Good fastness, no delamination, good moist heat comfort
(7) Good mechanical properties and chemical stability.
(8) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, can be recycled and reused.

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Find a suitable baby mattress fabric

Whether you’re expecting, a parent to a newborn baby, or on your fourth child; the search for the perfect sheet set for your little one can be both exhilarating and super stressful. With so many baby mattress fabric and designs to choose from, you may be wondering which one will be the most comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep soundly on.

Babies have very delicate skin. Its sensitivity can be very prone to allergens and infections, both of which can be found in their crib set. The synthetic materials found in some fabrics can cause rashes and irritation that can be very uncomfortable for your little one, and since most newborns sleep 12-16 hours a day, you want to ensure that as much of that is as uninterrupted and healthy as humanly possible. After all, we just want what’s best for them.

To avoid nasty irritation, an organic crib set is among the best you can invest in as far as baby mattress fabric goes. No chemicals or acid go into the making of this fabric ensuring baby gets a good snooze away from all the harmful substances commonly found in sheet sets. The organic sets are generally made of either cotton or bamboo.

Organic cotton is a favorite among parents alike as it’s the very best you can buy. The fabric passes through several processes to remove germs and bacteria. It helps absorb moisture from the sleeping baby keeping them dry and comfortable, also helping to regulate their temperature and giving them a sense of natural comfort. Another bonus of picking this fabric is that it helps prevent dust mite growth, making sure your baby can breathe easily and soundly while they sleep.

Baby mattresses also need jacquards. If you want to know more about jacquard mattress fabrics, check out here:jacquard mattress fabric.

Knitted mattress fabrics are popular among consumers

Sleep is a physiological phenomenon that is indispensable to human beings. In human life, sleep accounts for nearly one-third of the time. Its quality is closely related to human health, which shows how important sleep is to everyone. In a sense, the quality of sleep determines the quality of life. What is related to sleep in daily life is the mattress. Below I will list the relevant knowledge from the main aspects and types of mattresses, and give you a reference.

The mattress is mainly composed of the surface fabric and the mattress core. Due to the different mattress cores, there are mainly spring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses and full-brown mattresses on the market. Let’s talk about the fabric of the mattress.

Some fabrics with poor material quality are directly ignored. Let’s talk about the mainstream of the market such as knitted mattress fabrics, velvet fabrics, cashmere fabrics, 3D breathable fabrics, and bamboo charcoal fabrics.
knitted mattress fabric is a fabric formed by bending a yarn into a loop and staking each other with a knitting needle, and has a soft texture, moisture absorption and air permeability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and productivity. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve.
Modern knitted mattress fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the development stage of multi-functionality and high-grade. Various new knit fabrics with different texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects to knitwear. At present, knitted fabrics are widely used in apparel fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products, and are loved by consumers.

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The application of sandwich fabrics in life

Sandwich fabric has been widely used in sports shoes, bags, seat covers and other fields.

Sandwich fabric have the following main features:

1: Good breathability and moderate adjustment. The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as the mesh that will breathe. Compared to other flat fabrics, the sandwich fabric is more breathable and airy, allowing the surface to be comfortable and dry.

2: Unique elastic function. The mesh structure of the sandwich fabric has been subjected to high temperature setting in production engineering. When subjected to an external force, it can extend in the direction of the force, and when the pulling force is reduced, the mesh can be restored to its original shape. The material can maintain a certain elongation in the horizontal and vertical directions without slackening.

3: Wear-resistant and suitable for never-ending. The sandwich fabric is made from tens of thousands of synthetic fiber yarns that are refined from petroleum. Warp-knitted with knit weave, it is not only strong, it can withstand high-strength tension and tear, and it is smooth and comfortable.

4: Anti-mildew and antibacterial. The material is anti-mildew and antibacterial, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

5: Easy to clean and dry. The sandwich fabric can be adapted to hand wash, machine wash, dry cleaning and easy to clean. Three-layer breathable structure, easy to dry and ventilated.

6: The appearance is stylish and beautiful. The sandwich fabric is bright and soft, and does not fade. More with a three-dimensional mesh pattern, both chasing. With the fashion trend, it maintains a certain classic style.

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