Green sleep: beyond the purity standard of “organic” labels

A new term, green sleep mattress fabric, has recently appeared in function mattress fabric. When it comes to “green,” people tend to be associated with “organic.” In fact, these two words are not equated with each other. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Green sleep has five differences from other organic mattress manufacturers.

  1. Absolute heritage. For more than 20 years, Green Sleep has been working to create the purest mattresses. The value of having organic certification means that the value of green sleep is lower than their dedication to purity.
  2. Stability. They used the same source for more than 20 years and knew they were consistent. You won’t get any mattress below the top material.
  3. Research. They continue to conduct research every year by going to suppliers, and even if they are consistent over the years, they can find new suppliers to prevent the discovery of different raw materials.
  4. Exclusivity. Green Sleep is the only mattress that uses its signature velvet and LSK Lamifoam. While other manufacturers sometimes rumor that their velvet is not 100% organic, they do have an organic certificate for this. Wow, in addition to the soft touch, it really feels like a small piece of heaven! People tried to copy their velvet but did not succeed.
  5. Ergonomic design. These mattresses are ergonomically designed to provide optimal support for your body. The best part is that it will stay that way, because through all their research and through the test of time, these materials will last!

These remarkable factors make the choice of green sleep organic mattresses an investment in quality products, and their purity is second to none. In addition to their trade insights, they can provide quality products, whether or not they have a certificate. They need time to find the best and continue to improve. The Green Sleeping Mattress is a healthy investment that gives you peace of mind and a comfortable, restful sleep in the next few years.

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